Traditional fashion umbrella
The handle, axis and arms are made of bamboo and the surface is made of pure cotton cloth. The cloth is prepared with outside layer glue of pine oil, wax, diesel oil and other traditional glue coatings. So it is waterproof and strong.

We use only "Tharaku" Bamboo. The raw material bamboos have to be prepared by sinking in mud for one year before the starting of production procedures. This is the traditional method for the umbrella to be reliable for long time use.

For handling and assorting the branches, we use multi-coloured cotton wool by threading in design patterns.

The Surface is made of pure cotton cloth and prepared with traditional glue coating. The major kind of glue is from the seeds of 'Tae Fruit', which has strong smell and very reliable for the cloth to be hard, strong for long time use.

In Burma, longyis worn by males are called paso (ပုဆိုး), while those worn by females are called htamain (ထဘီ, or htamein). Strictly speaking, they are not unisex attire, as the way they are worn as well as the patterns and makeup are different between the two sexes. Men wear the modern paso by making a fold on either side in front and tied by tucking them together at the waist just below the navel.
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